The Suede Jacket

Leather isn’t always leather.


I am in love with jackets, especially motorcycle pieces. However, it took me a very long time to purchase one. One reason was because I kept having a faux vs genuine debate. The other reason was because the leather jacket is everywhere.

Outfit Shot 1Literally.

I saw a pedestrian women with one as I walked across the street (“she’s so much cooler than me” were my thoughts exactly). With this being said, the typical black faux or genuine leather jacket is too common for my comfort. Yet, I continued to question whether checking black off my list was smart, as a black leather jacket is an essential that had yet to find shelter in my closet. Then, the runway shows of fall and spring reminded me of new favorite fabric: suede. And that’s when I purchased my first leather jacket, in almost half a decade (and with my own mula).

Outfit Shot 2

Outfit Shot 3







I purchased a genuine suede jacket by Produkt, a Danish company that exclusively sells on ASOS. You can find one similar to mine here. Though not traditional, a suede motorcycle jacket is a staple that your closet can call home who for a very long time. And if its in black you may be set forever.

Oh, and don’t ever think you’re too cute to check the weather because water and suede do not mix.

Also, peep my vogue pose in the picture to the right below. Serving you Naomi realness — let me stop.

Photography by

Ornili Aboab

Outfit Shot

Jacket ASOS

Shirt GAP

Jeans Levi’s Jeans

Shoes Pharrell x ADIDAS Superstars

Hat Forever 21

The Suede Jacket

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